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IncuCyte® NeuroLight Red Lentivirus - Synapsin Promoter

Incucyte® Neurolight Red Lentivirus

Two vials (0.45 mL/vial) of Incucyte® Neurolight Red Lentivirus (synapsin promoter) suitable for transducing a variety of neuronal cell types in a 96-well format

(Cat. No. 4807)

The Incucyte® Neurolight Red Lentivirus Reagent is a third generation lentiviral-based vector encoded with an redfluorescent protein (mKate2) driven off of a synapsin promoter designed to efficiently transduce multiple cell types. Our extensive validation experiments have shown that expression of this red fluorescent protein does not negatively alter functional cell biology (e.g. morphology, neurite outgrowth, and neurite branching) of neurons in co-culture with astrocytes. In combination, the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System (configured with a green/red optical module), Incucyte® Neurotrack Software (Cat. No. 9600-0010), and the Neurolight Red Lentivirus provide an integrated solution for kinetically measuring neurite dynamics in vitro.

Key Features

Enables quantitation of neurite-specific metrics, such as neurite length, branch points and cell body clusters in co-cultures of neurons or neuronal cell lines with astrocytes.

  • Efficiently infects multiple neuronal cell types, including cell lines, primary and stem cell-derived cultures
  • Synapsin-promoter driven expression of mKate2, a red fluorescent protein, ensures minimal expression in non-neuronal cell types
  • Reagent is non-perturbing to neuronal cell biology
  • Each vial contains 0.45 mL of reagent, sufficient for at least 1 x 96-well plate

Quick Guide

Quick Guide

Neuronal Co-Cultures - Hippo, iCell, Cortical, DRG

Example Images of NeuroLight Red Expression

UL and LL: Primary rat hippocampal and cortical neurons (GlobalStem) in co-culture with rat astrocytes (IncuCyte® rAstrocytes, Cat No 4586) at day 5 and 7 in vitro, respectively. UR: iPSC neurons (iCells, Cellular Dynamics International) were grown with iCell Astrocytes (Cellular Dynamics International). LR: Rat dorsal root ganglion neurons (DRG, Lonza) at day 7 in vitro.

Multiplex neurite analysis with cell health readouts for additional insight

  • Use IncuCyte® mix-and-read reagents for continuous monitoring of cytotoxicity and apoptosis in neuronal cultures
  • Simultaneous measurements of neurite dynamics and neuronal cell health


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