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IncuCyte® HT-1080/A549 NucLight Mix Cells

IncuCyte® HT-1080/A549 NucLight Mix Cells

One cryopreserved vial of HT-1080 NucLight Green and A549 NucLight Red cells (1:1) at a total density of 1x106 cells/vial.

(Cat. No. 4516)

Each vial contains a mixed stable population of 500,000 HT-1080 NucLight Green cells (Cat# 4486) and 500,000 A549 NucLight Red cells (Cat# 4491). Parental HT-1080 and A549 cells were purchased from ATCC (Cat# CCL-121 and Cat# CCL-185, respectively). HT-1080 and A549 cells were made individually using the IncuCyte® NucLight Green Lentivirus (Cat# 4475; EF1α, puromycin) and Incucyte® NucLight Red Lentivirus (Cat# 4476; EF1α, puromycin), respectively, at an MOI of 3 (TU/cell) in the presence of 8 μg/mL polybrene following the standard infection protocol, resulting in a ≥70% transduction efficiency. Individual cell lines were mixed 1:1 to a total final concentration of 1 million cells/mL in 90% FBS and 10% DMSO. All individual cell lines in our catalog have been certified mycoplasma free by ATCC and our stable populations have been unambiguously authenticated using ATCC’s Short Tandem Repeat (STR) profiling.

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