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IncuCyte® Cytotox Green Reagent for counting dead cells

Incucyte® Cytotox Green Reagent for counting dead cells

Supplied as five vials (5 µL per vial, 1 mM in DMSO). Each vial sufficient for 100-200 live cell imaging cytotoxicity tests in 96-well format.

(Cat. No. 4633)

Incucyte® Cytotox Reagents are highly sensitive cyanine nucleic acid dyes ideally suited to a simple mix-and-read, real-time quantification of cell death. Addition of the Incucyte Cytotox Reagents to normal healthy cells is non-perturbing to cell growth or morphology and yields little or no intrinsic fluorescent signal. Once cells become unhealthy plasma membrane integrity diminishes, allowing entry of the Incucyte Cytotox Reagent and yielding a 100-1000-fold increase in fluorescence upon binding to deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). With the Incucyte® integrated analysis software fluorescent objects can be quantified and background fluorescence minimized.

These pre-aliquoted reagents have been validated for use with the Incucyte® live-cell analysis system and enable real-time evaluation of cell membrane integrity and cell death in response to pharmacological agents and/or genetic and environmental factors. Furthermore, the Incucyte™ Cytotox Reagents can be combined with the Incucyte® confluence metric, our range of Incucyte® NucLight nuclear labeling reagents, Incucyte® Annexin V Reagents or Incucyte® Caspase- 3/7 Reagent for multiplexed measurements of cytotoxicity alongside cell proliferation and apoptosis in a single well.

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