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IncuCyte® Cell Migration Kit

Incucyte® Cell Migration Kit

Comprises everything you need to run fully kinetic and automated 96-well cell migration and invasion scratch wound assay. Includes the Incucyte® WoundMaker (96-pin woundmaking tool), Cell Migration Analysis software module (Cat No 4400), two rinse boat assemblies and 15 Incucyte® ImageLock Plates.

(Cat. No. 4493)

Incucyte® WoundMaker - A 96-pin mechanical device designed to create homogeneous, 700-800 micron wide scratch wounds in cell monolayers on Incucyte® ImageLock 96-well microplates. The device is easy to use and creates wounds in seconds without damaging the cells or the underlying plastic or biomatrix. The WoundMaker is comprised of 1 x 96-well pin block, 1 x metal base plate, 2x wash boats.

Video How to use IncuCyte® WoundMaker

VIDEO: How to use Incucyte® WoundMaker
The WoundMaker tool is a 96-pin mechanical device designed to create homogeneous scratch wounds in seconds at the press of a button.


Integrated Cell Migration analysis module (Cat No 9600-0012) - Enables user-trainable, automated analysis of Incucyte phase contrast cell migration images to provide the following metrics:

  1. Wound Width (μm) - the distance between wound boundaries over time
  2. Wound Confluence (%) - cell confluence within the wound region over time. Expressed as the percentage of the wound area occupied by cells.
  3. Relative Wound Density (%) - cell density in the wound area expressed relative to the cell density outside of the wound area over time. This metric normalizes for changes in cell density caused by proliferation and/or pharmacological effects.

ImageLock 96-well plates (x15) - Lidded, flat-bottomed microtitre plates with specially located fiducial markers on the underside of each well. Enables precise registration of time-lapse imaging in Incucyte with no image wobble and highly accurate monitoring of cell movement in to the wounded zone.

Incucyte® Cell Migration & Invasion Assays User Manual - A comprehensive guide to our cell migration/invasion assays including in-depth data analysis and detailed example protocols.

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