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Incucyte®️ Cell Cycle Green/Orange Lentivirus Reagent (EF1α-Puro) – 0.2mL

Incucyte®️ Cell Cycle Green/Orange Lentivirus Reagent (EF1α-Puro) – 0.2mL

One vial of lentivirus reagent (0.2 mL; >1x106 TU/mL) suitable for transducing cells with a non-perturbing, selectable cell cycle indicator. Stable cell lines can be created under puromycin selection.
(Cat. No. 4809)

The Incucyte Cell Cycle Green/Orange Lentivirus Reagent is a fluorescent, single cassette indicator expressing both the GFP (green fluorescent protein) and TagRFP (orange fluorescent protein) to distinguish between cells in the G1 and S/G2/M cell cycle phase without altering cell function. This reagent is ideal for generating stable cell populations or clones using puromycin selection. The Incucyte Cell Cycle Lentivirus Reagent has been validated for use with the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System configured with green and orange channels for the real-time, integrated analysis of spatial and temporal patterns of cell cycle dynamics. Cell cycle analysis can be multiplexed with label-free cell counts using the Incucyte® Cell-by-Cell Analysis Software Module for quantification of the total cell population to determine percentage of cells within each cell cycle phase.

cell cycle illustration

Visualizing synchronized division of A549 and cells stably expressing Incucyte® Cell Cycle Lentivirus Reagent. Schematic (A) shows the various stages of the cell cycle with associated fluorescent signature. (B) Cell images collected on an Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis System display A549 cells stably expressing IncuCyte Cell Cycle Green/Orange Lentivirus Reagent as they grow and divide. Starting in G1 (orange, 0 h), the marked cell progresses to S phase (yellow, 2-4hr) before reaching S/G2/M phase (green, 7h) and mitosis (11h), and then returning to G1 (orange, 16h).

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