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Live Cell Assays

Live-cell and phenotypic assays are seeing a rise in popularity as researchers turn to them to ensure the physiological relevance of their results and reveal time-dependent treatment effects. These assays provide real-time morphological and phenotypic insight for pathway and mechanistic studies and can be used to ensure the physiological relevance of results early in the drug discovery process. Whilst rapid, target-specific reductionist assays remain important, phenotypic cell-based assays that enable holistic, integrated cell functions to be measured over the long term (hours to weeks) are now heavily in favor with advanced live cell in vitro co-culture and tissue organoid models becoming increasingly commonplace.

The IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System enables real-time, quantitative live cell assays within your tissue culture incubator. The system allows you to conduct assays and acquire results that would be impossible using single-point and endpoint measures alone. The walk-away automation also allows you to gather more information in a faster or more efficient way.